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Long Distance Recording

Don't live in our area? No problem.  Send us a recording (Cassette, CD or MP3) of how the song should go and we'll build the full tracks right here and send them to you.  You can sing live to the tracks or we'll help you find a solution locally for putting your voice on the recording.  If you're not a singer we'll provide a very talented singer for your song.

Simply record your song (with or without instrumental back up). Type the words  double spaced.  If you can, it would be helpful if you include the chords. Then mail them or email them.

The price for a full music track is just $200.00 (add an additional $40.00 if you need to use our singers.)


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This young man sang and played his guitar in Cambodia. We added instrumentation and a little "studio magic" and this is the result. You don't have to travel across the ocean or even across town. We can help you make the most of your music!





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